Samen leiden wij vakmensen op

Atelier Hoed Gezien is erkend leerbedrijf bij bij SBB, voorheen SVGB, voor de kwalificaties Creatief Vakman niveau 4 en Hoedenmaker niveau 4




Gastdocent Hoedenmaken Voortgezet Vrijeschool te Vlissingen


Een video over atelier Hoed Gezien van UCR student Ivar Troost

Video van UCR studenten

This video is part of the educational Mapping Resources series, an exploration of who makes what in Zeeland, The Netherlands. The video portraits are tentative visual answers to the questions: What is being made, how, and with which means? What type of value does this making activity generate? Mapping Zeeland is a project of Art & Design Practice, a new study track at University College Roosevelt.

This video is about the in-home workshop "Hoed Gezien" in Middelburg, which is run by the masterful hat designer Hanny Mallekote. Through her work she is adding meaning and activity to Middelburg